Sureflo proudly presents the Gen III of Robotic lagoon cleaning with the revolutionary Sureflo Amphibious Robot (SAR). Designed to conquer the challenges posed by rugged lagoon terrains and compacted sludge layers, the SAR redefines efficiency and power in aquatic maintenance.

Breaking Boundaries, Not Just Lagoon Edges

Bid farewell to conventional, time-consuming methods that involve manual labour, backhoe excavators, and cumbersome equipment. The SAR is engineered to transform the cleaning process by penetrating the most stubborn sludge layers efficiently and swiftly.


Advantages of Sureflo SAR Robots

  • Online Cleaning:
    Our SAR technology enables lagoon cleaning without interrupting its operation.

  • No Man Entry:
    Ensure safety and minimize risk by adopting our no man entry concept during operation.

  • Unmatched Versatility:
    Equipped with all-terrain capabilities, the SAR glides effortlessly across lagoon surfaces, navigates through marshy terrains, snow, sand, and even land.

  • Precision Cutter:
    The adjustable cutter option allows for top-level surface cleaning, effectively removing floating oil and sludge, or deep-level cleaning by extracting settled sludge from the basin bottom.

  • Multi-Depth Proficiency:
    From floating on the surface to sinking at the bottom, the SAR can adapt to various depths, ensuring comprehensive cleaning.

  • Tackling Tough Deposits:
    Seamlessly cut through even the most stubborn compacted sludge layers, including bitumen, asphalt, and silt.

  • Impressive Pumping:
    Effortlessly pump sludge at a remarkable rate of up to 150 m3/hr., ensuring efficient and rapid lagoon cleaning.

  • Enhanced Vision:
    Outfitted with advanced sludge detectors and cameras, the SAR guarantees precision in operation.

  • Built-In Traction:
    Bid farewell to cumbersome external winches and cables – the SAR’s inbuilt traction system ensures smooth movement.

  • Eco-Friendly Solution:
    Coupling the Sureflo Mobile treatment systems with the SAR facilitates oil recovery, water recycling, and the formation of dry cake for eco-conscious disposal.

  • Remote Precision:
    Operate the SAR with satellite remote control within a range of 500 meters and up to the depth of 20 meters ensuring precision from a distance.