Large refineries and petrochemical companies hold heavy oils, as crude oil, in large tanks. With time, heavy sediments accumulate at the bottom of the tanks, partially obstructing the tank & preventing its proper and economical operation. Maintenance teams must shut-down operation & clean the sediments. They also perform routine maintenance, e.g., welding, that require a gas-free state within the tank.

Cleaning such tanks requires a massive work force & long shut-down periods of the tank, up to several months. Furthermore, petrochemical companies do not accept the sediments for re-use. Regulations classify these sediments as hazardous waste which requires disposal in special depositories. All this makes tank cleaning a costly operation.

Crude Oil Tank Cleaning

Crude Oil Tank Cleaning

Sureflo Techcon Pvt Ltd has robotic arms with high pressure pumps for removal of deposited in sludge in the tank and a mobile physio-chemical treatment system to recover oil, recycle water and obtain dry cake with oil content less than 10%. Our systems are designed for No Man Entry cleaning concept. Sureflo “MINI” robots are used for final cleaning stage of the tanks.


  • Lower direct costs of cleaning.
  • Recycling of up to 95% of sediments that can re-used by customer.
  • Reduced cost in disposal of only 5% (Five Percent) of sediments which require special post-treatment.
  • Substantially shorter shut-down time.