Sureflo was founded in 2011, with a prime focus of introducing innovative and advanced Filtration, Aeration and Separation systems for Industrial and Municipal Water and Wastewater Sector. After gaining experience and success in the field of Automatic valve-less gravity filters, diffused aeration systems ,oil- water separation systems Sureflo, with the aim of introducing a “No Shutdown” & “No Man Entry” concept for sludge removal and recycling, introduced and pioneered in the services of Online Robotic Sludge Management and Recycling. Sureflo has time and again taken many initiatives to introduce & optimize latest systems in the industry with a view to change the current obsolete practices and replace them with an efficient and safe solution.

Headquartered in Mumbai along with a 120,000 sq. ft. manufacturing unit in Goa – India, Sureflo has a PAN INDIA network with regional offices in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and other parts of India. Sureflo has supplied Industrial water filtration and Side stream filtration systems (SSF) like Automatic valve less gravity filters (AVGF), Auto self-cleaning filters ranging from 20 m3/hr to 8250 m3/hr and more for various water treatment applications & cooling tower filtration, to clients like SAIL, NMDC, JSW, TATA, MAHAGENCO, OPGCL, L&T and many more.

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Sureflo provides Aeration systems suitable for Municipal Sewage and Industrial Effluent treatment plants. The client can select from fixed grid as well as retrievable systems employing disc or tube type diffusers as per their site requirement. Disc & Tube diffusers come in – PU/ EPDM/ Silicon material which can be produced for fine as well as coarse bubble configuration. We have installed diffused aeration systems in many Effluent treatment plants and Sewage treatment plants providing the required oxygen transfer efficiency with least Operation & Maintenance costs. Our In-House engineering team and shop fabrication and production team enable us to provide one stop Aeration solution from design concept to supply of diffusers along with piping grid assembly in the form of UPVC, CPVC, SS 316 and so on. Just mail us your needs and our team will help you in all your needs, no matter wherever in world you are.

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Sureflo has designed and employed a vast range of robotic systems that can be selected for robust applications ranging from Phosphoric acid tank cleaning to oily sludge lagoon cleaning and many more. Today Sureflo’s submersible robots are working in most refineries, power plants pumping out sludge from bottom of tanks and basins without any shutdown and man entry. Our robots are hydraulically operated from remote and are highly powerful to cut through the sludge and pump out solid sludge. Sureflo robots are customizable and have various accessories like High pressure jet sprays, radial cutters, angle cutters and so on that can be easily mounted on the robots as per site requirement. Sureflo has recently introduced floating type robotic systems that can be used for pond cleaning , ash dyke cleaning as well as reservoir cleaning catering to depths of 10 m and more with flow rates ranging from 50 m3/hr to 300 m3/hr and much higher.

Sureflo has special expandable-retractable robotic systems that can enter in phosphoric acid tanks and product tanks through 24” manholes to clean and pump out the sludge. Depending on options we can dewater at site to recover the liquor and obtain dry cake at site.

Sureflo has recently gained rich experience in the field of floating oil / slop oil removal and separation in refineries, providing our clients a high rate of oil recovery ranging from 60 m3 to 150 m3 per man day shift with BS & W value within acceptable limits. Having processed and recovered over 10,000 m3 of floating / slop oil in refineries Sureflo aims to reach out to many refineries and provide its mobile treatment systems for recovery of valuable oil from pits, ponds, basins and tanks.

With growing demands of the Global Industry Sureflo has recently ventured into the Middle Eastern Region, African Continent and South East Asian region to offer its wide range of products and services to Industrial as well as Municipal Sections in these regions.

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  • Automatic Valveless Gravity Filters.

  • Side Stream Filters for Cooling Towers.

  • Sea Water Filters for desalinisation Plants.

  • Oil – Water Separators.

  • Retrievable Diffused Aeration System for STP/ETP Plants.

  • Fine bubble Diffusers (Disc & Tube).

  • Coarse Bubble Diffuser (Disc & Tube).


  • Online Robotic Sludge Removal System (No Man Entry – NO Shut Down).

  • Oily Sludge Removal & Separation in refineries.

  • Oily Tank Cleaning.

  • Robotic Phosphoric Tank acidic sludge removal & dewatering.

  • Sludge Dewatering & Separation (Basins/Sumps/Tanks).

  • Insitu Aeration Diffuser cleaning services.

  • Floating oil removal in refineries.

  • Slop oil Removal for reprocessing.


To Preserve and improve the environment by introducing latest and world-class technologies with focus upon filtration, separation, diffused aeration, and online robotic cleaning systems.


Sureflo Techcon Pvt. Ltd. – a renowned company to provide world-class technologies for preserving, protecting, and improving environment aims to focus on liquid – liquid – solid separation technologies in myriad sectors. Our Vision is to introduce and develop new technologies to leverage growth with value addition, while help sister-concerns in cross-business activities.


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+91-22-4120 0915/ 916/ 917


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