The Multi Screw Press(MSP) is used for dewatering applications especially for oily sludge. MSP integrates an automatic control cabinet, flocculation & conditioning tank, sludge concentration and dewatering zone and the filtrate collection tank.


Multi Screw Press(MSP)


  • Petrochemical Industries, Oil Refineries.
  • Amyloid Industries, Pulp & Paper Industries.
  • Blue Algae Dewatering, Municipal, Wastewater Treatment Plants, etc.
Multi Screw Press


  • Can handle sludge with low to very high solid content.
  • Sludge thickener is not required.
  • Automatic & Continuous Operation with low energy requirements.
  • Less space requirement & Closed equipment.
  • Low maintenance as it has self-cleaning abilities which reduces clogging.
  • Low operating cost and maintenance cost.
Item Belt Press Screw Press
  1. Low cost due to simple working principle & Structure
  1. Less backwash water due to little block
  2. Specially good at treating oily sludge
  3. Capable of directly treating sludge with low solid content
  4. Low rotary speed, power saving little noise
  5. Capable of automatic operation
  6. Easy maintenance
  7. Smaller footprint
  8. Less supporting devices
  9. No smell due to closed structure
  1. Easily Clogged
  2. Large amount of backwash water
  3. Not applicable of oily sludge
  4. Incapable of automatic operation
  5. Complicated maintenance
  1. Higher cost due to better material, precision processing & structure
Moisture Content of Sludge Cakes 85% 80% – 85%
Cleaning Water Large amount for belt cleaning high pressured cleaning Small amount for surface cleaning, spaying cleaning
Solids Recovery Rate 80% – 95% Over 95%
Power Consumption Medium Few
24 Hrs Continuous Running  Difficult to achieve
Sludge Thickener