Sureflo Raw Water Filters (RWF) are compact in design and consists tube filtration elements. RWF can handle high turbidity and suspended solids provide crystal clear water to RO membrane thus enhancing life of desalination plant. Powder coated tubes give 0.5-micron degree of filtration, removing finest suspended solids. The key advantages of SRWF is ability to reuse the filters media and number of cycles over conventional cartridge media.

Raw Water Filter (RWF)


  • Sea Water Filtration
  • River Water Filtration
  • Waste Water Filtration
  • Swimming Pool Water Filtration
  • Potable Water Filtration
  • Machine Tool Coolant Filtration
  • Distillery Product


  • Self-Cleaning Filters Elements
  • 0.5 Micro degree of Filtration
  • Regenerative Filtration.
  • Smallest Foot Print per m3/hr
  • Dry Cake/Sludge Option available
  • with auto back wash
  • Replacement Frequency 3-5 years.
  • Fully Programmable with PLC


Polyester monofilament braid.

Diatomaceous earth, yes locally available very easily.

Depends on dirt loading. Can be once a day, once a week, once a month

It can remove these impurities.

Power, compressed air and diatomaceous earth.

Tube, frequency of replacement could be 3 years to 10 years depending on site operating conditions.

This filter can be designed to handle high inlet TSS and turbidity. Filtration area and velocity are decided on these 2 parameters.

Usually design temp for side stream filters is 55 Deg C to 65 Deg C. This filter can be designed for higher temperatures if need be.

Pressure filter regulator can be installed in the air hose.

for 180 m3/hr, a 30 HP pump is required *

What is the temperature of compressed air at site?