The Most efficient method to clean and restore aeration diffusers

  • Aeration is the greatest energy consumer at a wastewater treatment facility amounting to an approximate of 45 to 70% of plant energy.
  • All fine pore membranes foul regardless of make and manufacturer!!
  • Factors that cause diffuser fouling: Bio Film coating, plugging diffuser orifice, scaling/precipitation of inorganic salts.
  • Fouling reduces efficiency as well as performance.
Insitu Aeration Diffuser cleaning services

Insitu Aeration Diffuser cleaning services

  • Sureflo offers in-situ chemical cleaning of diffusers that not only clean the diffusers but gives better performance, efficiency and reduce energy requirements for diffuser operations.
  • Fouled State: Notice large bubbles and sporadic aeration pattern of a dirty membrane. – High Pressure & Low Efficiency.
  • After cleaning: Bubbles are much smaller and more even distribution of air. Pressure and Efficiency Restored.
Insitu Aeration Diffuser cleaning services 2

Insitu Aeration Diffuser cleaning services


  • Significantly reduce energy that is devoted to running blowers for aeration.
  • Reduction in energy = $$$ Savings $$$
  • No need to take your system off-line. Can clean membranes while continuing to treat the wastewater and while the air is still on.
  • Excellent alternative to the expensive option of replacing membranes. Consider cleaning before replacing membranes.
  • Struggling to maintain DO – clean your membranes which will increase your oxygen transfer efficiency and increase DO.
  • Blower pressure too high – clean your membranes which will reduce pressure and either turn down blower or turn a spare blower off.
  • Local and knowledgeable support.
  • Greatest return on investment.
  • Extend the life of membranes by cleaning the membranes. All membranes are required to be cleaned periodically.


  • Are you meeting Dissolved Oxygen demand?
  • Are you using more air now (higher blower rpm, increased blower pressure, using an additional blower) to treat the same amount of wastewater?
  • Are you looking for ways to cut costs and improve efficiency?
  • Were you once able to get proper treatment, but now struggle to get required treatment?
  • Are you meeting permit requirements?
    Are your blowers popping the PRV valve (pressure relief valve) on occasion?
  • Is there an increase in influent that may require more aeration capacity?
  • Looking for an economical way to clean your membranes (Ceramic or rubber)?
  • Do you have funds in your maintenance budget but not capital budget to improve process performance?