Sureflo design complete aeration plants as per customer data, provide onsite consultancy in aeration plant setup for ETP & STP in fix and retrievable grid configuration. The ready to install grids are supplied from our Goa factory to site all over world as per drawing shared by client or by our in-house team.

Available in :-

  1. Disc, Tube and panel grid systems.
  2. Retrieval grid systems for easy maintenance without shutting down.
  3. Fix grid systems.
  4. Floating Lateral Systems.
  5. Submerged lateral Systems.
  6. Modular Systems.
  7. Lagoon Aeration Systems.
  8. Industry Specific Aeration Systems.
  9. Factory manufactured system with flanged mechanical connection for easy installation.
Retrievable aeration plants
Retrievable aeration plants 2