Sureflo Techcon specializes in design, engineering & manufacturing of AVGF, which are a popular choice amongst many clients in Power, Fertilizer, Steel and other sectors for applications such as Side stream filtration system of Cooling towers which is practised to increase the COC (Cycle of Concentration). Sureflo AVGFs can be used in sewage / effluent treatment plants as polishing filters and are also used as pre filters in drinking water treatment plants. Few of our esteemed clients using Sureflo AVGFs are IFFCO, L&T, Tata, JSW, SAIL, OPGCL. Sureflo AVGFs offer a “No Electricity” and “No Manpower” system which in true sense is a FIT & FORGET system. We take every step to ensure a quality product right from design stage up to dispatch and commissioning stage.

Automatic Valve Less Gravity Filters

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  • Most suitable for side stream filtration of re-circulating cooling tower water.

  • No Moving Parts.

  • No Backwash Pumps, Valves, Flow Controllers Required.

  • No Electrical Requirement for Operation.

  • Automatic Backwash, no need of Manpower.

  • Compact and Modular Design, Uniform High quality treated Water.

  • Minimum sand loss or carry over occurs.

  • Stores own reservoir of Backwash water for back-washing purpose.

Working Principle

  • VAG Filters operate automatically on the head loss principle.

  • The head loss at which the VAG initiates backwashing is determined by height of inverted U turn of the top of backwash pipe.

  • The level of water in this pipe is proportional to the head loss across the filter bed.

  • The Filter is divided into 3 chambers- Filter Bed Compartment, Filtrate Collection Compartment and Backwash Storage Compartment.

Benefits of AVGF :-

Flow range 10 m3/hr to 500 m3/hr ( Stand Alone Unit)
M0C Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel
Applications Side Stream Filters for Cooling Water Recirculation, Full Stream Filters
Industries Covered Power, Steel, Fertilizers, Cement, Tyre, Rubber, etc.
Available In Twin Bed Designs for higher flow rate or for smaller foot print areas

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