Sureflo offers complete consultancy in design, implementation and service of aeration plants (STP/ETP) . The complete project management of EPC contractors can be handles by our experienced engineers in India and abroad.

What We offer : –

  • Design of Aeration Plants.
  • Recommendation for best and optimised aeration solutions
  • Onsite consultancy to EPCs team.
  • Optimised solution for maximum aeration efficiency.
  • Aeration membrane – EPDM , PU, Silicon
  • Coarse bubble diffusers in disc and tube
  • Fine bubble diffusers in disc and tube .
  • Insitu diffuser cleaning
  • Diffuser replacement service.
  • Training to EPC site engineers.
  • Fix and retrieval grid aeration design with calculation and onsite help.
EDI Diffuser Maintenance Service

Aeration Works

We have in house design team , quality and inspection team , service engineers who helps waste water treatment consultants , EPC contractors and STP /ETP plants service providers . We are already helping more than 700 aeration installation around India and abroad.

EDI Diffuser Maintenance Service by Sureflo