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Sureflo Techcon Pvt. Ltd. specializes in the Design, Engineering &  Manufacture of automated Filtration, Separation, Aeration Systems & Online Robotic Cleaning Systems. SFCT has a wide range of  indigenously designed specialized systems that deal with Cooling Water filtration, Water & Waste Water Treatment, Oil Filtration & Separation, Recycle & Reuse. read more...
Valveless Automatic Gravity Filter (AVGF / VAGF)
Side Stream Filters for Cooling Towers.
Automatic Backwash Self Cleaning Filters (Various configurations) 
Dual Media Filters/PSF/ACF
Iron/Manganese/Heavy Metal Removal Filters- Automatic Vavle Less Gravity Type
High Rate Sand Filters
Catalyst Recovery Filter 
Nut Shell Filter
Cyclonic Separators.
Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters
Dewatering/Sludge Management Systems- Belt Press Filters.
Vertical Pressure Filter Press.
Diffused Aeration Systems-Installation / Upgradation / Revamping of
conventional systems.
Disc Diffuser - 7", 9" & 12" Diffusers
Tube Diffusers - Fine and Coarse
Retrievable Diffused Aeration Systems - Tube & Disc.
Online Robotic Cleaning
Cooling Tower Basins & Sumps
Sludge Lagoons - STP, ETP etc.
Robotic Phosphoric Acid tank  Sludge Removal 
Phosphoric Acid Sludge Lagoons
Reservoir, Dam, Pond & River
Cleaning of Tanks & Process Units.
Online/ Onstream cleaning of process units and equipment.
Degassing/ Decontamination of process units and equipment.
Turnaround Applications.
Crude oil tank cleaning (No man entry concept).
FPSO oating vessels tank cleaning (No man entry concept).
Pipeline online cleaning.
Air ns cooler cleaning.
Oil spills cleaning.
Fuel treatment ( Combustion improvements).
Oil water separation, Dewatering of oily waste.

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