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   Filtration |  Separation | Aeration
Valveless Automatic Gravity Filter
Automatic Self Cleaning Filter
Valveless Automatic Gravity Filter (AVGF / VAGF)
Automatic Backwash Self Cleaning Filters (Various configurations) 
Dual Media Filters/PSF/ACF
Iron/Manganese/Heavy Metal Removal Filters- Automatic Vavle Less Gravity Type
Waste / Tramp Oil Filtration, Recycle, Reuse
Advanced Membrane Filtration Technologies - Micro Filtration / Ultra Filtration /DISC Reverse Osmosis 
Pre RO Filtration based on Automatic sub Micronic Ceramic Cartridge Filter /Pre-Coat Ceramic Filters
Catalyst Recovery Filter 
Replacement / Spare Filter Elements for Reputed International makes for filtration of oil, gas, air and all liquids.
Pre-Filtration to Reverse Osmosis
Clarifiers/Tube Settlers
Belt Press Filters
Automatic Filter Press
Cyclonic Separators.
Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters,Vertical Pressure Filters.
Dewatering/Sludge Management Systems- Belt Press Filters.
Sludge Drying Equipments - Hollow Blade Dryer/ Flash Dryer.
Oil-Water Separation - Skimmers/ Dissolved Air Floatation/Micro Bubble Floatation

         Fine Bubble Diffusers and Coarse bubble Diffusers available in :

Disc Type Diffuser
Tube Type Diffuser
Diffused Aeration Systems-Installation / Upgradation / Revamping of
conventional systems.
Disc type /Tube Type – Fine and Coarse
Retrievable Diffusers

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