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About Us
Sureflo Techcon Pvt. Ltd. specializes in the Design, Engineering & Manufacture of automated Filtration, Separation, Aeration Systems & Online Robotic Cleaning Systems.. SFCT has a wide range of  indigenously designed specialized systems that deal with Cooling Water filtration, Water & Waste Water Treatment, Oil Filtration & Separation, Recycle & Reuse.

Backed by over two decades of our experience in the field of Industrial filtration, we have now developed unique designs for Valveless Automatic Gravity Filters commonly known as AVGF/VAG for Water Filtration as well Iron, Manganese and other Heavy Metal Removal applications.  We have recently introduced Online Robotic Cleaning Systems for cleaning & removal of sludge from Cooling Tower Basin, Sludge Lagoons, Phosphoric Acid Lagoons, Sludge Tanks etc.
Years of industrial experience and our diverse international associations with the world’s leading technologists enable us to provide customized solutions to almost any industrial applications. SFCT has the competence and capability to integrate its engineering and experience to provide it’s impeccable services to cater to the industrial needs across various market segments. SFCT is firm in its commitment to research, development, and production of advanced technologies that address specific worldwide environmental challenges.

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